How do I post my jobs on Facebook?

The JobScore <> Facebook Jobs integration is in beta.  Please contact if you'd like to participate.  Article updated July 5, 2018

What is Facebook Jobs?

In February 2017 Facebook got into the job board business (here's the announcement). Facebook's goal is to "take the work out of finding a local job and hiring the right people."  They've been moving fast and we're excited to be the first full-featured ATS to integrate directly with Facebook Jobs.

When you post a job on Facebook it shows up on both your company page and in the Facebook Marketplace.  This is exciting for three reasons:

  1. Your company's Facebook page followers can be a great source of candidates... and they are likely to share your jobs with their friends.  This will generate more interest in both your open jobs and your business.
  2. Facebook Marketplace is 1 of 4 tabs in the Facebook mobile experience -- and 45% of job seekers use their mobile device to search for jobs at least once a day.  Facebook Jobs is a massive opportunity to get in front of local talent on mobile.
  3. Many qualified candidates don't surf traditional job boards but do use Facebook - and use it a lot.

For now, it's free to post jobs on Facebook.  It's up to you whether you want to spend money to "boost" your job postings to get even more views and clicks.

Why is JobScore working with Facebook?

To post a job on Facebook you have to cut and paste your job description and manually click to customize the job application form for every job.  Then, when candidates apply, their information is sent to you one by one through Facebook messenger.

Our integration eliminates this manual data entry and the need to review candidates individually.  JobScore makes it easy to leverage the power of Facebook the exact same way we help you connect with 40+ other job boards.

How the JobScore <> Facebook Jobs integration adds value:


  • Choose to automatically add your open jobs to Facebook: install once, publish forever.
  • When candidates apply, their application is automatically added to JobScore -- so you can review and respond to candidates the way you want and keep your personal Facebook account clean.
  • JobScore tracks which candidates come from Facebook, so you can see how Facebook performs vis-a-vis other job boards.
  • Your job application form settings, including custom questions and required fields, are reproduced in Facebook - so you get the candidate information you need.
  • JobScore inserts EEO questions into Facebook to ensure your company remains compliant.
  • Jobs are automatically removed from Facebook when you close or fill them.

The JobScore Facebook integration is currently in open beta and is included for no additional cost on all JobScore plans.

Getting started

To connect your JobScore account to Facebook you must have a Facebook Page for your company.  This is something that's likely managed by your marketing department. If your company doesn't have a Facebook page, no problem - you can create one here for free >>

If the Facebook jobs integration is on in your JobScore account, your jobs will automatically begin to appear on your Facebook page.

Instructions to activate the JobScore <> Facebook Jobs integration

Start by visiting the job boards page in the administrative console. Make sure that facebook jobs is turned on in your account:


That's it!  Your jobs will be added to your company facebook page and cross posted to facebook marketplace. If you would prefer to not have jobs automatically added to Facebook and only add them on a case by case basis, set Facebook Jobs to "off" and then turn it for the jobs on you want on the job posting page here:


There is one more thing you can do to get more value out of Facebook jobs.  By default your jobs are NOT published to the timeline of your company's Facebook page.

If you change this option your jobs may appear in the personal timeline of your page followers, which will be much noisier - and may not be appropriate for every business, especially those that open a lot of new jobs - but can really help you get a lot views and interest in your job.

To turn this on please ask an administrator for your facebook page to visit this page and change this setting:

[[Screenshot of Facebook page admin console with setting to change]]

A few gotchas to be aware of

[Updated July 5, 2018]

  1. Facebook does not support "linking out" to an externally hosted job application process.  All job applications you receive will be completed using the Facebook hosted job application form.
  2. The Facebook job application form does not support loading pure user-generated and user-formatted resume files.  Facebook has it's own resume format which is generated based on the information in the job seeker's Facebook profile.
  3. There is no way to make phone number or cover letter a required field in the Facebook job application form.  This means that some job applications may not include this information, even if you set these fields as required in JobScore.
  4. The Facebook job application form does not support the "File Upload" "Checkbox" "Number" or "Date" question types.  If your job application form in JobScore uses these types of questions they will not be presented or captured in the Facebook job application form.
  5. Facebook does not support click through agreements in it's job application form.  If you have a click-through agreement turned on in your account, none of your jobs will be added to Facebook (the integration will not work)
  6. Facebook does not support the presentation of the OFCCP form in the format mandated by the US federal government.  If you activate OFCCP compliance or FETO compliance in your account, your jobs will not be added to Facebook.

The legacy JobScore Facebook widget

If you have been using JobScore's Facebook Widget to add jobs to your Facebook page it will continue to work and will drive candidates to apply through your JobScore hosted careers site.

Jobs on the widget, however, will not be cross-posted to the Facebook Marketplace, included in your follower's feeds as posts ... and they can't be boosted to get more traffic.

If you are using the widget and choose to activate the JobScore <> Facebook Jobs integration we recommend that you remove the legacy widget and the jobs tab created for it.  Having two different "Jobs" tabs on your Facebook page is likely to confuse job seekers.

If you need a hand connecting Facebook to your JobScore account or turning off your widget, please email



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