How do I control who can see notes?

Hiring is a collaborative process, but everyone shouldn't be able to see all information about every candidate. (e.g. salary requirements shouldn't be visible to peers) JobScore provides you with a few different ways to control who can see each note so you can set things up in a way that works for your hiring process:

By User Role: The default way to control whether someone can read a note is their role in the JobScore system.

  • Team members with admin access can read all public notes
  • Team members with extended, standard and limited level access only have access to their own notes.

Make Private: Each note has a "mark private" check box which overrides the default role based visibility control. When you mark a note private you restrict who can read it and edit it. When you check mark private the creator of the note (you) and the specific people you grant access to the note can read it or edit it.

Notes Visibility per Job: The default role based control for people with extended, standard and limited level access can be over-ridden using the "notes visibility" control. The notes visibility control is one of the options that appears for each person when you add them to the hiring team for a job:

The default for extended, standard and limited is "Only My Notes" but when you it to "All Public Notes" the user will be able to read the public notes notes for candidates under consideration for the job.

This can be controlled per hiring team member to allow you to manage the feedback review process the way you want. For instance, you might make it so that a hiring manager can read "all public notes" while the rest of the team can only read their own notes (so they aren't tempted to read what other people think and have it influence their opinion)

Notes visibility settings can only be edited by people with administrative access to JobScore. i.e. a user can't make it so they can see other people's notes on their own, an admin will need to do that for them. Here is an example of a job being added by a User (Minerva) and what she sees when adding the hiring team:

Remember: Admins always have access to all public notes, so you can't change their notes visibility control, even as another Admin.

Notes Visibility By User

Sometimes you want to identify a specific user and change all of their permissions in one step. When looking at a user's page you can see all jobs to which they are assigned as well as their permissions:

As we learned before, Users cannot edit note permissions:

And, Admins can change notes permissions, but only for Users:


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