Why do you charge seperately for subscription plans and credits?

Our primary goal is to fill the JobScore Network with resumes, and our pricing reflects that goal. On the JobScore Free Plan, you can use JobScore for free - providing you add more new resumes than you take out. However, it is clear this wouldn't work for everyone:

  • Some people won't share resumes, period. However, they still wanted to use JobScore. For these people we offer the JobScore Paid Plans, charging them based on their usage and give them more control over resume sharing.
  • Some people want to take more resumes out than they share. For these people, we charge a small fee per credit and offer volume discounts if they purchase credits in bulk.
  • Some people are willing to pay for more features. With JobScore Paid Plans, employers have access to Professional features that are not available in the JobScore Free version.

To learn more about our Plans and Credits visit our Pricing page.


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