What does JobScore charge for?

It's possible to use JobScore for free, but there are three things we charge for:

  • Subscription: If you'd like more features or control over resume sharing settings, you'll want to sign up for one of our JobScore Paid Plans for which we charge a monthly fee.
  • Credits: If you want to contact more recommended candidates than you share, you'll have to buy credits. Credit prices are listed here.
  • Job Postings: We make it easy for you to purchase job postings for most major job boards (i.e. LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, craigslist) through JobScore. You are only charged when you choose to post to a paid job board. Job posting prices are listed here.

There are no additional or hidden signup, termination or support fees: what's shown is the entire price. If you want to use the service, just sign up and get started. Still have questions? Check out the online JobScore demo or just email questions to support@jobscore.com


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