If I switch plans midway through my billing period, how will I get charged?

You can subscribe to JobScore on a monthly or yearly basis, paying for the upcoming period.  Subscription payments are not refundable, but if you upgrade your plan (e.g. move from START to SCALE, or move from monthly to annual billing) we will credit you for the unused portion of your current billing period.

When you upgrade, we charge you at time of upgrade, for the full next month or year. 

For an example, if you've paid for a month of START at $149 on April 1, then upgrade to SCALE on April 16 with a price of $449/mo, you will be charged $374.50: that's $449.00 for the next month, less $74.50 (15d credit on the $149 previously paid).  You would next be charged $449 on May 16.




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