How does resume sharing work?

First off, you don't have to share resumes if you don't want to. On our Paid Plans, you have complete control over how resume sharing works. If you are on the Free Plan, here's how resume sharing works:

  1. Your resumes are your own, JobScore never takes them away

    JobScore never takes resumes away from you. When you release a resume to the shared database, it's just a copy. Your resumes are yours, forever. The only thing that can happen with a shared copy is the person *might* be recommended for a similar job at another employer that uses JobScore.

  2. You always get first crack at a resume before it's shared.

    Once you have permission to share a resume, it's shared based on the "status" of a candidate's job application. When candidates apply, they are put into the "New" status by default. Here's how it works from there:

    1. Hired candidate are not shared.
    2. Whenever you place a candidate in an "Active" status (i.e. screening, interviewing), they will not be shared.**
    3. Whenever you mark a candidate as Declined or Withdrawn, their resume will be shared.
    4. If you ignore a candidate for 5 days, leaving them in the “New” status, their resume is shared.

    The spirit is that you always get "first crack" at candidates who apply to your jobs before their resumes are shared. If you don't want to share specific candidates, just put them in an "Active" status and they won't be shared.

    ** The Active status rule supersedes the Decline, Withdraw and Ignore rules. This means that if a candidate is assigned to two or more jobs and is marked Declined or Withdrawn for one job but is but active in any other, their resume will not be released / shared.

  3. You cannot share resumes you find yourself

    JobScore requires that you have a candidate's permission to share their resume. This means that the resumes you find on your own and add to your account cannot be shared.

  4. You are awarded credits for sharing new resumes

    Each time you share a resume that's not in the JobScore shared resume database (a new resume), you are awarded one or more credits. Credits are used to contact recommended candidates that were shared by other employers that use JobScore. Awarded credits are only good for 90 days - so use them fast!


Resume sharing works the same for everyone on the Free Plan. If you have trouble with any of the aforementioned rules, we encourage you to switch from a Free to a Paid account, which provide more control over resume sharing. If you have additional questions about resume sharing, please review our privacy guarantee or send us an email.