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How do I work with third party recruiters (agencies) if I use JobScore?

For now, please add agency resumes to your account on your own. Here's how:

Add the agencies you work with to the list of search firms in your account. Go the gear icon > Configuration > Sources > Edit Search Firm and complete the information. Repeat for each search firm you would like to add.






Ask agencies to email you resumes directly.

Add the resumes they email to you into JobScore yourself on the Add Candidate page or
go to Candidates > All Candidates > Click Add Candidate. Make sure to set the candidate's source as "Search Firm."



We strongly recommend that you:

  • DO NOT have agencies submit candidates through your careers site -- this will create problems for you, the agency and the candidate.
  • DO NOT invite the candidates that agencies send to you -- sharing those resumes may violate the terms of the contracts you have signed with agencies.

Eventually we'll build an interface where approved agencies can submit resumes directly to your account, and those resumes will never be shared regardless of which plan you are on.

If you have a specific idea about how you want to work with agencies through JobScore, please add them to the Ideas forum.


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