Will you send me an invoice for the job postings I buy using JobScore?

Sorry, no. We don't send invoices for job postings because you aren't buying them from us... JobScore helps you buy job postings directly from job boards using the credit card information you provide. Your credit card statement includes charges directly from the job boards you post to, as well as from our job syndication partner, SmashFly, which sometimes charges a small fee to post your jobs.

If you want to see what the total expenses are for posting a particular job, please visit the View Job page and click the Job Boards tab in the secondary navigation. You'll see a report of all postings you've made using JobScore including the total cost. This total includes fees paid directly to the job boards as well as to SmashFly. Users with administrative privileges can see the entire history of paid postings for your account on the billing information page.


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