How to setup Single Sign-on with Google Workplace

Important: Only Google Workplace super administrators can complete the steps below.  You are a Super admin if you can access this page and see the billing tab. If you are not a Google Workplace Super administrator, please share this article with a Google Workplace super administrator (usually someone in your IT department) and add them to your JobScore account on the add user page here.

We want to make it easy for all of your team members to access JobScore.  If your company uses Single Sign On (SSO) with Google Workplace, please complete the steps described on this page.

Step 1: Install the JobScore Google Workplace Marketplace App

Important: To install the marketplace app you will be prompted to login to your current JobScore account.  Please have your email and password for JobScore hand before you get started.

Please visit this page and complete the steps to install the JobScore Google Marketplace App >>

When you visit this page click on the button to install the app and follow the installation instructions:


Once installed, single sign-on will be instantly activated in your account (and password based login will no longer work).

If the app is already installed in your account, you can edit configuration settings on the "Marketplace Apps" page in the Google Workplace console >>

Step 2: Whitelist the JobScore Google Workplace Marketplace App for Email Sync feature

Please follow the procedure below in order to whitelist the JobScore App to use Google GMail APIs required for the Email Sync feature. If you don't plan on using this feature, this procedure is optional.

  1. From the Google Admin Console Home page, go to Security and then API Controls.
  2. Click the "Manage Third-Party App Access" link.
  3. Click "Add App" and choose "OAuth App Name or Client ID" 
  4. Fill in:
  5. Click "Search", check the option JobScore Email Sync and then click "Add"

Without following the whitelisting procedure above, you and your co-workers might see an "Unverified App" warning when authorizing Email Sync.

If you have any other questions, please contact


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