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How Are Owners, Admins, and Users different in JobScore?

Admins and Users differ in a few ways:

  • Admins have access to an admin panel where they can tailor look and feel and maintain overall account information.
  • Admins can purchase postings on paid job boards. Users can only post to free job boards.
  • Admins can create and customize Note Templates. Users can only view/use the templates.
  • Admins can read everyone's notes; unless they are marked "private." Users can only read their own notes.
  • Admins have access to the suite of reports available from the Reports module. Users can view reports run from their jobs and download data about their candidates from Candidate Manager.

Owners have the same access as Admins but can also read ALL private notes.

In addition to the user “type” of Admin or User, each user also has a "Typical Role." Learn more in the Roles FAQ.


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