How do I add a jobs widget to our company's Facebook page?

Here are the instructions on how to add the jobs in your JobScore account to your company’s Facebook page.

You’ll need the person who administrates that page to follow these instructions:

  1. Access and follow on screen instructions.
  2. When asked about "JobScore Account Code", input your company code, which can be found under Company Info & Settings.
  3. Done! A new "We're hiring" option will appear on your company's Facebook page where the app was installed. You can customize this ("We're hiring") image under your Facebook page options. See screenshots below.


What you'll find here is really just a simple start on Facebook. We are actively looking for people to try this out and give us feedback, especially from the person who owns your Facebook page... about how the installation process could be better and what additional features, enhancements and customization they'd like to see in this.

We’ve installed this app ourselves if you want to check it out on our own Facebook page: (click where it says we’re hiring).

Thanks again for using JobScore & please don't hesitate to contact should you have any questions about getting jobs on your Facebook page.


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