How do I change a candidate's stage?

A candidate's stage can be easily updated while viewing a candidate's record.

  1. While viewing a candidate's record, in the right hand column you'll notice the "Job Assignments" section. If your candidate is assigned to a job, you'll see the job title and corresponding candidate stage. You can't update stage for a candidate who isn't assigned to any jobs.
  2. Find the job for which the candidates' stage should be changed and open up the drop down list beneath the job title then select the desired stage for the candidate.
  3. You can also update a candidate's stage in the same way directly from Candidate Manager when viewing the "by Job" tab.


Want to update the stage of multiple candidates at the same time?

  1. Click Candidates to get to the "Candidate Manager" and make sure the "by Job" tab is selected.
  2. Click the checkbox for the rows of all the candidates you want to update.
  3. Using the "Change Stage" drop down list at the top of the table (don't use the individual "Action" column), select the stage you want to apply to all selected candidates (i.e., "Declined").

If you have admin privileges, you can add, remove and reorder the candidate stage options on the Candidate Stage page, accessible from Admin> Edit Candidate Stage.