How do I find candidates in my account?

There are several of ways to find candidates:

  • Do you recall the candidate's name? You can find the candidate using his or her first and/or last name using the Search box located in the top right corner of JobScore.
  • Do you recall the candidate's job title, employer or other element from his resume? You can find the candidate by entering a few keywords into the Search box.
  • Did you recently add the candidate? To find him or her, visit the "Unassigned" tab or go to Candidates> Unassigned to see a list of all of the recently added candidates in your account who have not yet been assigned to a job.


  • Do you want to view your currently active candidates? Click Jobs to visit the "Job Manager". Then click the "plus icon" on the top left of the table for a snapshot of all New and Active candidates for your jobs.


  • Do you want to see candidates in a specific status, or from a particular source, or with particular score or assigned to a specific job?
    Click Candidates to visit the "Candidate Manager" and use the filter to zero in on the right person.