Can I change my scoring criteria?

Yes, you absolutely can change a job's "Scoring Criteria." Candidate scores are determined based on the criteria associated with each job. When you add a new job, JobScore pre-populates some scoring criteria based upon the text of the job description. You can easily adjust these criteria, and we encourage you to do so. The better the criteria are, the more relevant candidate recommendations are, and the happier you'll be with JobScore.

Here are the basics:

  • To add criteria, click "Add Criteria" at the bottom of the scoring criteria table. You get there from Jobs > click the job title > click Scoring Criteria tab > click Edit.
  • To remove criteria, click the "Delete" icon.
  • Select the importance of each criterion using the green "Importance" bar. Just click the number of bars you want. The more bars, the more important the criterion is.
  • Click Update. Your changes are saved and candidates are re-scored.
  • After updating your job's "Scoring Criteria," check out the candidates now recommended by JobScore based on the updated criteria. Click see_recommendations_button.png.