How do I add a job that has no location (aka remote / telecommute / work from home jobs)?

Increasingly employers don't need people to work from a specific physical office location.  These jobs are commonly referred to as remote, telecommute, or work from home opportunities.  But not all remote jobs are the same: some require candidates to reside in specific time zones (like north america or europe) or specific countries.  JobScore allows you to manage as many remote location(s) as you need by customizing three different settings:

  1. The location that job seekers will see in jobs on your careers site
  2. The location that your team will see on filters and lists inside JobScore
  3. Whether to list your jobs on job boards as a remote opportunities.

Configure remote locations

JobScore has an attribute called locations which is a required attribute of every job.  Though it seems logical to just create a location called "remote" without an address, JobScore won't let you - you have to enter a city, state, zip code and country.  This is because virtually every job board requires that a job have a location to publish a job on their site - even if it's remote! 

So, when you set up a remote location we recommend using the physical address of your company's headquarters or nearest office (even if it's your CEO's garage) to make sure your jobs are published on job boards and you get the candidate traffic you need.  Then, we recommend customizing two more attributes to make everything run smoothly:

Customize what job seekers will see:

  1. Visit the Admin > Locations page
  2. Click to add or edit a location and check the "Customize what job seekers see when they apply" checkbox and type in the text you would like job seekers to see on your careers site as the location attribute.  (e.g. Remote, Remote - USA time zones, Work from Home, Telecommute)
    Edit Location
  3. After you save your changes the "Job Seekers will see" value will appear as a location on your company's careers site:

Career site

Customize what your co-workers will see

  1. Visit the Admin > Locations page
  2. Click to add or edit a location and check the the "Customize what employees see in filters and reports" checkbox and type in the text you would like your coworkers to see on filters and reports in JobScore (e.g. Remote, Remote - USA)
    Edit Location
  3. Once you've made this change when you review jobs in JobScore they will show this location value instead of the city/state/country:

 overview job page

When setting up remote locations it's normal to have more than one location in your account where the physical address is identical, but the custom internal and external names are different.  For instance, you might just have a location with the physical address of your headquarters for jobs that you use when you expect people to work onsite.  Remove jobs will likely have the same physical address (to send to job boards), but you'll check the boxes to customize the internal and external names so both job seekers and co-workers see a different name attribute.

Send jobs to job boards as remote opportunities 

Independent of how you set up your locations in JobScore, if you want a job to show up as a remote opportunity on job boards, you'll need to change the "remote work" attribute of the job to "yes:"

Add Job-Remote control

To ensure that you don't forget to check this critical box, we recommend creating a job template for each remote location. 

When you select "yes"for the remote work attribute, here's JobScore makes many little changes to the job content we send to different job boards to ensure they get more traffic as remote opportunities.  These include:

  • Flexjobs: The job is sent to, the #1 site on the web for remote jobs
  • Indeed: The text "This is a remote position." is added to the end of your job description to ensure the job is classified as remote.
  • ZipRecruiter: The text "This is a remote position." is added to the end of your job description text and "- Remote" is added to the end of your job title to ensure the job is classified as remote.
  • Adzuna: The text "remote" is added to the end of both the job title and job description sent to Adzuna.  We also create 10 different copies of the job to post in each of the 10 largest major metropolitan areas of the country to drive more exposure for your remote opportunity.
  • National Labor Exchange: The location "United States" is passed as the country value and the text "- Remote" is added to the end of your job title.
  • Dice: The job is classified as remote
  • Github: The job is classified as remote
  • StackOverflow: The job is classified as remote

Independent of all of these little things JobScore ensure your jobs are indexed correctly, we still strongly recommend including terms like "remote" "telecommute" and "work from home" in the main text of your job description.  A good way to make sure that happens is to customize the job description text of your job template to ensure people don't forget to do this.  Still have questions about how to set up JobScore for remote jobs?  Please contact us at


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