How do I remove a job from my careers site but still leave it open?

Click on the jobs manager. Click on the open job so you are on the view job / overview page.

Click the job status drop down box. Select 'Internal' to remove the job from your careers site.


Use this option if you want to keep working on a job, but you don't want it to show up on your careers site. When you select 'Internal' new candidates (both careers site visitors and job board applicants) won't see the job and won't be able to apply.

Why would you need this?

  • If you only want to consider internal candidates and/or referrals before opening up your job to the world at large
  • If you want to work on a job and have your employees know, but don't want the outside world to know (i.e. it stays off your careers site and job boards)
  • It you've posted it and you have enough candidates... it keeps new applicants from applying from your job, but leaves it open so it still shows up in reports.

IMPORTANT: Removing a job from your careers site WILL NOT make it confidential. Employees on your team will be able to see the job and the pipeline.

NOTE: The public URL to a job does not change when a job is placed in the Internal status. If someone from your team shares the URL of an Internal job, or if an applicant previously visited the URL while the job was opened, they can still apply.


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