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How do I remove a job from my careers site but still leave it open?

Click on the jobs manager. Click on the open job so you are on the view job / overview page.

Uncheck the "published attribute" to remove the job from your careers site.

Use this option if you want to keep working on a job, but you don't want it to show up on your careers site. When you un-click publish new candidates (both careers site visitors and job board applicants) won't see the job and wont' be able to apply.

Why would you need this?

  • If you only want to consider internal candidates and/or referrals before opening up your job to the world at large
  • If you want to work on a job and have your employees know, but don't want the outside world to know (i.e. it stays off your careers site and job boards)
  • It you've posted it and you have enough candidates... it keeps new applicants from applying from your job, but leaves it open so it still shows up in reports.

IMPORTANT: Removing a job from your careers site WILL NOT make it confidential. Employees on your team will be able to see the job and the pipeline.


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