I like having an email in my inbox after interviews to remind me to leave feedback. How do I do that?

The quick answer is: JobScore doesn't include specific interview feedback “nag” emails.

Here's our recommended best practice that will achieve the same result:

Ask the recruiter / coordinator to use the“forward candidate” feature to send the candidate’s resume, cover letter and a breakdown of who is on the interview panel to the team for them to review. Ideally send out this email the night before / morning of an onsite interview.

All forward candidate emails include links to all of the actions you'd need to take in JobScore, but, more importantly if you are on a subscription plan that includes our email tracking feature your interview team can just reply to this message in their email client and whatever they type up will be added as a note.

So, instead of sending nag emails to enter feedback, we recommend using the “forward candidate” email as it serves two purposes:

  1. Everyone can see who is going to interview the candidate and has the information they need before the interview.
  2. Train your team to leave these forward email messages in their inbox and then after the interview when they come back to their desk they can just open up their email and just hit reply to add feedback.

Please contact support@jobscore.com if this prompts questions or if you'd like a walk through of how JobScore can make it easier to help you collect more, better feedback.


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