How does the JobScore ←→ Calendar Integration work?

Scheduling phone screens and interviews:

When I'm creating a task In JobScore, what happens when I check "Add to Calendar" for a user?

  • JobScore will add an event to the selected user's calendar. The user will not receive an invitation request for this event -- it will be automatically accepted and the selected user will be the event’s owner.

Will users be notified when I add events to their calendar through JobScore?

  • By default, yes. Next to the “add to calendar” check box is a “notify by email” check box. If you check the "notify by email" check box JobScore will send them a message that outlines the details of the event.

What happens when I log directly into the calendar web UI and edit a calendar event created by JobScore (e.g. I change the title, description, event date, time, etc.)?

  • Due to current technical restrictions, if an event created by JobScore is modified by a user directly in their own Calendar, JobScore will not be aware of the change -- so the change will not be reflected in the JobScore user interface, making the Calendar and JobScore "out of sync"
  • Furthermore, if a user updates a JobScore created event using the Calendar web UI and then a separate change/edit is subsequently made to the corresponding task in JobScore, JobScore will overwrite the change made by the user in the Calendar.
  • This means that if you are trying to schedule and manage interview appointments using JobScore, we recommend *only* making changes to appointments in JobScore, NOT directly in the Calendar web UI to avoid confusion. Making changes in the Calendar directly will inevitably get appointments “out of sync”. Hence, we recommend training your users to make all changes to interviews and recruiting related appointments in JobScore - not to update on the Calendar directly.

What happens if a user is logged into the Calendar web UI and they delete an event that was created by JobScore?

  • Just like editing events directly, JobScore will not know if you or your team delete events from the Calendar. This means that if someone deletes a JobScore created event in the Calendar and then the corresponding task in JobScore is edited, the event will be re-added to the user’s calendar (i.e. it will re-appear even though someone deleted it). We recommend always deleting (or completing) tasks in the JobScore user interface, not in the Calendar.

What happens if I edit a task in JobScore? Will the corresponding event in the Calendar be updated?

  • Yes. If you edit a task in JobScore, the corresponding event that was originally created by JobScore will be updated to reflect the updated information in the corresponding JobScore task. You can change the subject (title), date, time, etc. and these changes will show up in the new event in the user’s Calendar.

What happens if I delete a task in JobScore that was previously added to a user’s calendar? Will the corresponding Calendar event also be deleted?

  • Yes. If you delete a task in JobScore the corresponding event will be deleted as well. We don’t recommend deleting tasks unless you need to cancel and reschedule appointments. If an event happened / is done, please mark it completed, don’t delete it.

When I add a task, can I schedule an appointment for the same user more than once in more than one time slot?

  • Yes. When adding new tasks you can create more than one appointment for the same user at the same time. This will create more than one calendar event for the user (and corresponding tasks in JobScore). So, for instance when creating a new task for an onsite interview you could have the candidate meet with John Doe at 1PM for 15 minutes, then with Anne at 1:15 for an hour and then schedule them to meet with John Doe again for an hour-long lunch at 2:15 all at the same time. When you clicked to add the task, in fact, three separate tasks and calendar events would be created - two for John, one for Anne.

If I schedule an entire panel of interviews and then someone isn't available and I need to reschedule more than 3 interview slots, what's the best way to do that?

  • First off: we're sorry. It's a bummer that your team isn't keeping their calendars up-to-date. If you need to re-build a panel, here's what we recommend:
    1. Find the candidate's record in JobScore. Click on the tasks tab. You should see a list of all of the interviews on the panel. Delete every interview one-by-one. When you delete these interview tasks, the corresponding events in the Calendar will be deleted as well, so these times will free up on your team's calendars.
    2. Add a new interview task. Please make sure it's associated with the candidate and the correct job.
    3. Re-build the entire panel using add task... being able to see everyone's calendar here is much easier than trying to remember who-was-going-when-in-what-order or editing a series of individual tasks.

Scheduling Resources and Conference Rooms:

When I schedule a resource (conference room, projector) using JobScore, is this information stored anywhere in JobScore?

  • Not at this time. This means that you can use JobScore to easily schedule conference rooms, but if you need to change an appointment you’ll need to remove the times you previously set aside for conference rooms directly in Calendar. So, if you are forced to reschedule an appointment, please update the USER’s information in JobScore, but update the resource / conference room schedule directly in the Calendar web UI.

How do I update a scheduled resource / conference room date/time using JobScore?

  • Currently we don't offer this feature. If you need to update the schedule for a resource, please do so directly in the Calendar web UI.

How do I delete a scheduled resource / conference room using JobScore?

  • Currently we don't offer this feature. Please delete the scheduled resource event directly in the  Calendar web UI.

When I add a task, can I schedule more than one resource at a time, or schedule the same resource more than once?

  • Yes. When you add a new task you can repeat the same resource as many times as you want. This means that you could book the conference room A from 11AM to 12PM, conference room B from 1PM to 2PM and conference room B again from 2PM to 4PM.

Will JobScore allow me to “double-book” a resource? Can other people double-book over my scheduled resources?

  • Yes, on both counts. JobScore does not force you to avoid double-booking. All the integration does is show the free/busy status of different resources and push calendar events on to resource calendars. Keeping resources clean and not double booking is out of the pervue of our integration.

Why are some of our users unable to book a resource?