Do you charge to post jobs through JobScore?

Yes and No... to post Job Boards:

  • YES: If you choose to purchase postings using the JobScore direct post feature on paid job boards like Monster, Careerbuilder, or Craigslist there is a charge. Our job posting prices are listed here.
  • NO: If you choose to post on free job boards -- like Indeed, Simplyhired, or Oodle -- using the JobScore direct post feature, there is no charge.
  • NO: If you purchase job board postings on your own and paste your careers site URLs into your postings there is no charge.

Yes and No... for your JobScore careers site:

  • NO: On the JobScore SHARE plan, you can add as many jobs to your careers site as you like, free of charge.
  • YES: On JobScore SUBSCRIBE plans, you can only add the maximum number of jobs allowed in your plan to your careers site. You'll need to upgrade your plan if you need to post more than the maximum number of jobs.


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