If I already have accounts and inventory with some job boards, can I still use JobScore?

Yes! Every job in JobScore has a unique URL. If you already have inventory, keep posting jobs the way you do now, but instead of routing applications to your e-mail address (i.e. jobs@yourcompany.com), please select the "candidates apply over the web" option and copy and paste the unique URL for the job from your careers site into your job postings. This way your applicants are routed directly into JobScore. If you are having trouble figuring this out please don't hesitate to email support@jobscore.com letting us know which job board is giving you trouble, & we'll be happy to help out.

Unfortunately, if you don't purchase postings through JobScore, you can't get the full source-tracking benefits of one-click posting. We recommend that once you've used up your pre-purchased inventory that you switch over and start purchasing postings through JobScore so you get accurate source tracking reports.


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