What's the difference between a Job Widget and your Careers Site?

Job Widgets are used to show the jobs in your jobscore account on any page around the web. Your careers site is a series of pages job seekers use to apply for a job. Job Widgets help point job seekers on one website to apply for your jobs through your hosted careers site.

Job Widgets:

A Job Widget is one of the three ways you can easily display the jobs in your jobscore account on your company website. The jobs shown in the widget are dynamically updated as you open and fill jobs. Once installed, you'll never need to go back and udpate your careers site again.

Job Widgets are highly configurable and can be easily customized:

  • They dynamically resize where you put them on your site - so they always look good.
  • You can choose to specify sorting order and/or include dynamic search and filtering if you have lots of jobs
  • If you upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise Plan, you can style the widget to match the exact look and feel of your website.

Anyone with administrative privileges in JobScore can easily create widgets on this page, if you wan more details, long-form instructions are here.

Job widgets can be used to show jobs on your company website, but you can also set them up to show your jobs anywhere on the web - your company blog, employee's personal websites, your company's page - anywhere!

Hosted Careers Site:

Your career site is a series of pages hosted by Jobscore that job seekers use to apply for your jobs. When you create a Jobscore account your careers site is automatically created for you - and we host it for you for free - forever.

Your careers site includes:

  • A list of open jobs
  • Individual pages for each job description with links to apply for a job or share it with your friends and finally
  • A quick and easy process for applicants to enter their resume and complete a job application

All job widgets do is point job seekers at specific pages on your website where they can view full job descriptions and apply for a job. A good way to think about it is that a job widget helps you get your list of jobs on a non-jobscore webpage, so that someone on another site can see your job and click directly into the appropriate page on your hosted careers site - where they'll be able to share the job or apply for it.

Important: Your hosted careers site has a completely different set of controls from the widget that determine it's look and feel. To see a preview of how your careers site will look and update it's appearance, please visit this page.

If you are having trouble configuring either your widget or careers site, please contact support@jobscore.com


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