How do I add Images, Video, & maps to my job listings?

We've made it super simple to add photos, videos, and maps to your jobs.

Here's how:

  1. Just select “Add Job”
  2. Below the job description box, select “Add Pictures, Videos and Maps.”

To Add Photos: You can drag and drop or upload from your computer.

Whatever the size of the image uploaded, we resize the image to fill the width of the carousel container, which is 700px wide (fixed width, same width as the job description panel). If you want to have smaller images here are two options:

  • Upload images with padding (white or clear background), e.g. if you want those images to be 300px wide, upload a version that has 200px of whitespace on either side
  • If you have multiple images you could combine them into one and upload it as a collage

To Add Video from Youtube or Vimeo:

  1. Click the "+Add Media" box.

  2. Then, Click to add a Video.

  3. In this lightbox, you can copy&paste links from YouTube or Vimeo.


To Add Maps: It’s as simple as clicking a check-box.


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