How do I use the TribeHR HRIS integration?

When you enable the TribeHR integration, new employee records will get pushed into your TribeHR system automatically when you hire candidates in JobScore.

After your TribeHR integration is set up, the Hire Candidate form will include a section "Add New Hire to HRIS" that will let you push the candidate's name, home email, phone number, home address and start date into your TribeHR system.  And hired candidates and filled jobs in JobScore link to the employee record in TribeHR.


How to enable the TribeHR integration in JobScore 

Step 1: Lookup or create a TribeHR API Key

To create an API Key, log into TribeHR as an Administrator and go to "My Profile", then click on "Edit Profile" at the top right of your profile section.  Towards the bottom of the page you'll find an "API Key" section. You will now copy the Key information (see yellow highlighted section above) and paste it into JobScore (see steps below).

*NOTE: API Keys are like passwords and should never be given out or shared or made public.

Step 2:  Configure your TribeHR integration in JobScore

An Admin or Owner will need to log into your JobScore account.  If you're not on the Scale or Enterprise plan, please contact for help accessing this feature.

You can activate the integration from your Integrations page.  You will need to know the company subdomain in the URL used for your TribeHR system, your user login, and your user password OR the API key generated in step 1.

Be sure the subdomain is an exact match with the spelling used in the URL for your TribeHR system.  For example, if you log in at, your company subdomain is "example".

When you click "Activate Integration", we'll test your configuration and save the settings if the test checks out.  Now you're ready to roll!


The Hire Date set in TribeHR is the "start date" entered on the Hire Candidate form in JobScore. 


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