What are the different user access levels in JobScore?

There are 5 access levels.  Here's who is typically given each one:

  • Owner: Talent and HR leadership
  • Admin: Full cycle recruiters
  • Extended: Coordinators, sourcers, and executives who need self-service access  to reports 
  • Standard: Hiring managers and other hiring team members who perform phone interviews
  • Limited: Everyone else in the company

The features available on each access level:

4 Table for Access Levels Zendesk Article.jpg

More data permission controls:

Access Levels are the main way to control who can see what in JobScore, but there are three additional fine-grained controls:

  • Private Notes: You can restrict who can read specific notes.  Learn more about private notes >>
  • Confidential Access: You can grant users with the EXTENDED or STANDARD access level the ability to see fields that are normally hidden.  Learn more about confidential fields & access >>
  • Editing Jobs: Users with the STANDARD access level on a hiring team can edit job descriptions, job details and the job application form.

Please contact support@jobscore.com to learn more about access levels and permissions in JobScore