I can't find my job on a job board. Why isn't it posted?

Great question. We understand that it's frustrating when you expect a job to be posted and you look for it on the website... then it's not there.

Please start with a little patience

Though JobScore passes jobs to job boards immediately, job boards don’t provide a confirmation whether a job we sent was posted – so there’s no easy, automated way for us to know if any of the 1000s of jobs we send to job boards every day are actually up.  This is a limitation of the job sites, not JobScore.

Furthermore, it can take up to 24 hours for some job boards to post your job.  This is something that we can't control, and is up to each job board.

Reporting Problems

If after 24 hours you can't find your job on a job board you posted to, please email support@jobscore.com.  Please include the following information in your email:

  1. The name of your account.
  2. The title of the job that you posted (preferably with a link to the page in JobScore for the job)
  3. A list of job board(s) where you could not find the posting.

When you send an email our support team will go into action.  Here's what we do:

  1. Verify the integration is live and that we are successfully passing jobs.
  2. Manually confirm your postings aren't there.
  3. Report back on our findings and what actions we've taken.

We do our best to email you back within 1 business day.  Sometimes there is a problem with our integration, which we'll get fixed up right away and report back, but usually your job has been caught in a job board spam filter.

Job Board Filtering & Posting Policies

Job Boards, like email providers, are in a constant battle with spammers.  Job Boards provide a free or low cost way to drive traffic to a webpage.  This means that spammers are constantly trying to post "fake" jobs to free boards.  Job Boards want to make sure that there are only real jobs on their sites so they have developed aggressive content filtering technology to identify "bad" jobs.  If a posting is caught in one of these filters, they don't publish it.

Unfortunately, job boards don't let JobScore know when this happens... so there is no way for us to let you know if this has happened with one of your jobs.

The job boards are also not transparent about their posting and filtering policies … which vary from board to board.  This is with good reason, because if they shared how the filters work, the spammers would work around them.  In short, there's not a lot you can do to avoid having your jobs get caught in a spam  filter... and if one of your jobs is caught, you haven't necessarily done anything wrong.

How JobScore can help

If we suspect your job has been caught in a spam filter, we'll contact the job board on your behalf, and notify you that we've done so.

Most job boards do a pretty good job of reviewing these escalation requests in a timely manner, and if they think your job looks good, they post it  and your company is typically whitelisted, meaning further postings sent through JobScore usually go up without incident.

However, should the job board refuse to accept and post your job, or they don't get back to us, there is little more that we can do on your behalf.

JobScore free job posting service level

  1. Help real employers get their real jobs on job boards.
  2. If jobs are not posted, advocate for you and try sort things out as quickly as possible.  
  3. If a job board refuses to post your jobs and notifies us, share this information with you.
  4. If a job board refuses to post your jobs, there is nothing further we can do.

JobScore paid job posting service level

  1. If a posting you purchased from JobScore is not live on the job board within 5 business days, we'll give you a full refund on request.

Escalation and resolution tips

  • If a job board accepts organic / free listings and decides not to post your jobs, often the best way to get things resolved is to contact them directly and buy paid postings on their site.  There is no guarantee that this will resolve your problem, but frequently sales staff at a job board can help get things sorted out for you.  A little money can go a long way.
  • Job boards have policies that include not accepting jobs from third parties, multilevel marketers, or  any job that they deem a duplicate posting.
  • If you are running multiple job posting services at the same time, it's almost certain you'll have problems.  We recommend testing services in sequence, not in parallel.  If you want to test JobScore's job posting capabilities, kindly remove all postings you've syndicated through other services first.



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