How do I post (or remove) my jobs to the free job boards?

In July 2016, we added Automatic Job Board Distribution. What that means is that JobScore now automatically distributes your open and published jobs to Indeed, Glassdoor and several other job boards.Once the feed is turned on, it just works and your jobs will stay posted as long as your job is marked open and published.

Here are the steps to ensure that the feeds are turned on for your jobs:

1. Open the job profile in JobScore and ensure that your job is marked Open and Published.

2. Click on the Post Job button.

3. In the Free Job Distribution section, click on the link that says "Update for this Job".

4. Make sure the feeds are turned on for all the job boards you want the job(s) posted to. If you'd like to remove the postings, please turn the feeds OFF.

That's it! But please don't hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions.


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