Why do I see "Unverified App" when I synchronize my email?

Due to recent G Suite/Gmail changes, we recommend you make a simple change outlined below to your G Suite configuration to address this issue. Without following the whitelisting procedure below, you and your co-workers see an "Unverified App" warning when authorizing Email Sync.

Please forward the following instructions to your G Suite Super Administrator (or your IT team if you don’t know exactly who your administrator is).

  1. From the Google Admin Console Home page, go to Security and then API Control.
  2. Click the "Manage Third-Party App Access" link.
  3. Click "Add App" and choose "OAuth App Name or Client ID" 
  4. Fill in: 1833497015-bmp14o5q7fk0chm2gfb3bi3ruvd6s463.apps.googleusercontent.com
  5. Click "Search", check the option JobScore Email Sync and then click "Add"




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