How do Approvals work in JobScore?

Hiring... costs.  Approvals ensure oversight of big-ticket recruiting activity (opening jobs, extending offers) without the burden of ad-hoc communications, clunky forms/paperwork, chasing down decision-makers, and manually keeping track of who-said-what-and-when.  

JobScore has built email and mobile-first support for approval workflows and notifications that your whole team can use on-the-go -- management now has the control they want, without sacrificing agility.

You can have different approval processes for jobs and offers, and you can even customize different approval processes for different roles and for different parts of your organization.

What do Approvals do?

  • Job Approvals:  With job approvals enabled, a job cannot be OPEN and worked on without approval.  Once a job is approved, key attributes of the job cannot be changed without moving the job back to DRAFT and requesting re-approval.
  • Offer Approvals: With offer approvals enabled, an offer letter cannot be extended to a candidate without approval.  Once an offer is approved, it cannot be changed without moving the offer back to DRAFT and requesting re-approval.

Approval Workflow

You can set up Approval Chains to define who needs to approve opening jobs or extending offers. Approval Chains can be as simple or complex as you want, and you can set up different approval chains for different cases.  

For example, you can:

  • Have a single person in your organization approve everything
  • Set up a multi-step approval process with different people
  • Add multiple approvers per step, requiring only one person or everyone to approve the step.
  • Create different approval chains for different cases, e.g. departments, offices, or job bands can have different approval chains with different approvers.

Once an approval is requested, the approval chain is kicked off and steps in the chain are followed until completed approval, a rejection by any approver, or cancellation of the approval request.  

Approvals gracefully support multiple rejections, restarts and complex, multi-person conversations about what to do.  To keep things from getting stuck when people are out of the office, users with the owner access level can cancel or bypass an approval request at any time.

Requesting Approval

With approvals, users can only add a job or offer in DRAFT status.  Once it’s ready for review, the user can request approval by clicking and adding a note.  The approval request note will be seen by everyone throughout the approval process:


The approvers in the first step of the chain will receive the first approval requests.  When a user is next in line, JobScore will send them an email prompting them to take action.


When an approver clicks to take action, they’ll be shown a screen with the details of the job or offer and buttons to either approve, reject or ask a question. 


Whatever action an approver takes, the requestor will be notified of the response.  If the approver didn’t give their thumbs-up, the requester will be prompted to take action - to respond to any questions, or to start the chain over if it was rejected.  And the requester (or account owners) can cancel a live approval request at any point.

In addition to email prompts, JobScore will also remind your colleagues to take action when they log in on their homepage on the web, and on mobile. 


You can even send reminder emails to nudge stuck steps.


Once all steps in a request are approved, the original requester will be sent an email giving them the green light to open the job or extend the offer. 1_6_job_approved_with_cta.png

Approval Reports

All approval activity is logged in JobScore and tracked in the Approval Manager.  You can easily stay on top of which approvals are still pending and require attention, as well as go back to review and report on past approval activity.


Closing candidates sometimes requires that you act fast, and slow approvals can make things difficult.  That's why JobScore shows you how long it takes to complete each approval... so everyone sees where there's room to improve.



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