Does JobScore support Indeed Apply, ZipRecruiter Apply and Facebook Apply?

Some major job boards have added the ability for job seekers to complete job applications directly on their site.  For instance, with indeed apply, a job seeker would be able to complete their job application form while still on the domain - effectively never visiting your JobScore careers page.


In many cases this is a great feature, because it allows the job seeker to use the stored information from their indeed resume profile to populate your job application form, often increasing the number of applicants you will receive for a given job opportunity.


By default, when JobScore sends jobs to Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Facebook we try to leverage this “quick apply” functionality, but it doesn’t work 100% of the time.  This article outlines how to control when and how quickapply will work.


How to turn it on and off


In Jobscore you have the option to turn quick apply on and off for different job boards on the Admin > Integrations > Job Boards page.  With Indeed and Ziprecruiter, if you turn off the quick apply feature, all candidates will be directed to apply on your jobscore-hosted careers site and everything will continue to work.  At this time facebook does not support offsite applications, so if you turn off the integration, JobScore will stop sending your jobs to facebook.


Job Application form settings that turn off quick apply


Some features that you can turn on in JobScore are not supported by our job board partners.  If you turn on a JobScore feature that won’t work on a job board, quick apply won’t work.  In the case of Indeed & ZipRecruiter, this simply means that job seekers will be directed to apply on your JobScore hosted careers site, but for Facebook it means you job won’t be sent at all.


There are two specific settings which none of the job boards support:


  1. OFCCP compliance: The US government requires that OFCCP questions be asked in a specific format and layout, which the job boards do not support.  For this reason if you turn on OFCCP compliance in your account, none of your jobs will be eligible for quick apply.
  2. Click through agreements:  None of the job boards support click through agreements, so if you add one to your job application process, again none of your jobs will be eligible for quick apply

Furthermore, Facebook does not support the use of custom Diversity type questions or file uploads.





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