Rather than filter lists, which are just not helpful for managing large batches of candidates.  Please make a Trello-like board where you can move candidates in between various states.  This will make management of candidates significantly easier by not having to click through a ton of different screens just to manage candidates.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Zachary,

    Thank you so much for this suggestion and we are happy you brought it up.  Pardon me if this is a little stream-of-consciousness.

    We agree that "trello boards" are cool and we've seen a few other companies implement this "card based" drag and drop pattern to their apps over the past few years.  I'd like to offer some insight into why we didn't implement this pattern immediately and see if you agree with our thinking (really - responses would be great) and please let us know if there's something we are missing or not giving enough consideration to.

    We had trouble understanding how trello boards would make things better for most of our high volume users. While this view would show you, quickly, how many candidates are in each workflow stage and provide a cool mechanism to pull them from one stage to another this wasn't a problem we heard from a lot of customers that were very active.

    1. JobScore is designed for you to not open or use the filters much (if at all) - the idea is that you are on a specific set of hiring teams and from the homepage and job manager you click into lists that you "burn down" and work through on the candidates page.  The UX is optimized for you to review multiple candidate profiles (by opening them up using the chevron, effectively turning the entire row into a card) and then click to perform any of a pretty large number of potential actions  (not just change their workflow stage) either individually or in bulk - all on that one page - without having to leave until you are done working through the list.  Before getting into much more, given your comment about having to do a lot of clicking , it would be good to confirm you are using JobScore in this way... as we haven't seen Trello boards emulate this type of deep bulk review and automation capabilities, and that's been our focus.  Having to click a lot is antithetical to our design intent which is to "click less and recruit more" and want to make sure you are getting full value from the current design.  

    2. In our experience when you are changing a candidate's workflow stage you usually need to perform other actions, like sending emails, adding notes, scheduling appointments, etc... and you aren't "reorganizing" candidates by stage as often - you are mostly changing the workflow stage and *doing* something at the same time to drive the process - so if you dragged the candidate "card" from one state to another you'd likely have to leave this "trello board" view to perform additional actions more often than "just dragging."  Only changing a state is a little less common than change state + do something else, or change state + do something else in bulk (which the UX is optimized for).  Could you confirm if this "just change stage" use case is the primary one for you (and when/why) or if you've seen elegant patterns to emulate a drag and drop card interface that also facilitates process automation? Our analysis was the core trello board interaction, would be: "Find candidate among 100s of cards, click to open to see more detail, click to minimize, click to drag, drop, click again to perform an action, click to select template, complete template" This netted out to a lot more clicking than the current candidate manager design for the most common use cases.

    3. Its not unusual for our customers to have to 100+ candidates in process at a time, with 50+ in one workflow stage... it seems like this pattern might become unwieldy for larger customers with lots of candidates in lots of workflow stages., especially those that use smaller laptop screens to do their jobs.  Any thoughts on that?   It's also common to not need to see candidates in a specific stage (think declined) - but often have to put people in it.


    Your idea is a good one, and we are happy to explore if (even if just for easier layout and understanding) but we'd love to get more detail on how this will  make things *better* for you in terms of doing your job in recruiting... is it mostly just that you'd like to see candidates laid out in a card view with columns for stages (for easier understanding of what's going on) or that you prefer the card view and drag and drop in terms of the ability to get your job done more efficiently?  are you really mostly using jobscore to reorganize candidates or are you taking advantage of the automation features? Are there specific interactions from trello that you love that you'd love to see us emulate?

    Thanks again for the suggestion and we appreciate any additional feedback you can offer of how you envision this making things better!

    If you'd like to reply here publicly great, if not, please contact support@jobscore.com to schedule a time for us to chat and screen share.


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