It would be wonderful if we could filter the candidate list by miles - as this will help us to correlate our marketing efforts in the community to upticks in submittals.  I was informed of a work around but it means we need to ask an additional question of candidates.  We would rather just be able to pull the information from the system ourselves.


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    Dan Arkind

    Cool idea - so you want to see how many of your candidates are within a certain radius?  There is kind-of a workaround to do this.  use the candidate SEARCH control and choose to filter by the job and put in a location filter as well, then don't put in a keyword term.  This should return a list of candidates in a specific radius.

    If you need a little bit more data per candidate, try downloading this list to a spreadsheet and manipulating it.

    If this doesn't work, or if you are going to need to do this more frequently with different filters, please reply here and let us know how we could do better.



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