Is it possible to create job templates to allow hiring managers to choose specific jobs within their org instead of carte blanche when creating a new job?  For example, a hiring manager has 4 levels of employees below him/her.  Instead of filling out a new form every time, could they simply choose from a drop down menu which job they want to open?


Also, is there a "request for new job" functionality.  For example, I don't want my hiring managers to fill out new reqs, rather have them click a button to request that then kicks off the req creation process (i.e. drafting, approval, etc)




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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Adam,

    Job templates:

    1. You can't make many templates, but you can create "job defaults" as an admin, which will pre-fill out forms every time someone adds a new job... 
    2. I think what you are looking for is copying/cloning jobs - i.e. whenever you have a job in jobscore that you need to fill again you can simply copy it using the clone button:

    Request for New Job:

    There isn't a "button" to do this, but here's what we'd recommend - if you want a hiring manager to add a job, add them as user and ask them to just add it.  If you want to iterate the job description before posting it, please ask them to put it in the "on hold" status when they add it, and then prompt you to log in and edit it.  When the job description is "approved" change the status from "on hold" to "open" then post it!  You can add other team members to your account, and have them log in and edit / contribute to the job description as well. 

    If you don't want them to fill out the req/write a job description, then just ask them to email you and do it yourself!

    Hopefully this addresses your issues - if it doesn't, or you need more features and changes to achieve your goal, please air them out here.

    Happy hiring!




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    Dan Arkind

    We've added job templates and will include the ability for someone with a lower access level to request someone else (an admin) to add a job for them - or post it.

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