I can create multiple decline email templates but they can currently only be sent to the candidate. For those candidates that have a source of search firm, I have set up an email address for the search firm in the admin screen. It would be great if there was an extra option for these candidates to send a decline email that goes to the recruiter.


Under decline you would have

No email

Standard template to applicant

Some other template to SearchFirm

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Sven,

    Great suggestion, and I totally understand the need for us to build new functionality into jobscore for building and managing relationships with 3rd party search firms.  While this sounds simple, unfortunately, it isn't given the underlying complexity and differences between communication with candidates (what we are currently focused on) and communication with agencies.

    So... Good news / Bad news... building an agency portal and better tools is on the road map.  Bad news is that unless a portion of our employer base steps up to "buy / fund" the agency portal feature we aren't likely to start on this aspect of jobscore in the next few months.

    Keep the suggestions coming and happy hiring!

    • dan
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