It would be great if on the Careers page/portal. The applicants can search for job openings based on location, interest, department, part-time/full-time, internship etc. That way they can filter directly to their own interests and apply. 

For example we would like to send instructions to all of the students we met a recent career fair with instructions. Go to "this link" and select "internships" to see our openings. It could further sort with internships starting during the "summer" or "winter".

I would be more than glad to talk to someone to expand on this idea. It basically boils down to a decision tree where applicants can narrow down on what they are looking for - or how we would specifically point applicants on how to search.

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    Hey Luka, great ideas and good news: the new beta Widget we have does what you're asking for.  Even better, it does real time search across job attributes and descriptions, so you could just tell the interns which term to search for 'summer' and all the jobs with 'summer' in them will come into focus instantly.  You can also create custom widgets that just list specific jobs from specific departments or locations. 

    Check the following support link for full details about the widget:


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