Thanks for the service -- love it.  Here's a feature that would have easily compelled my company to upgrade.

If would be GREAT if we could add our own email templates.  Here at Cappex, we'd use those to communicate with candidates.

Background:  We're struggling with the communication process with candidates.  Basically, we have to drop-out of JobScore and over to Outlook Quick Parts.  The Quick Parts are not centrally manageable, so hiring managers don't have visibility into what's in those emails.

What I'd like:  I'd love to be able to tell send the emails from Job Score

Some Examples:

 When scheduling phone screens:  "Thanks for applying. It looks like you could be a great fit for this role.  Can we find some time in the next 10 days to talk for 10-15 minuites via phone? Please reply with a couple times that works for you, and I'll reply to confirm one of them."

When scheduling in-person interviews:  (Similar to phone screen.)

After setting the in-person interview:  Email with directions, what to bring, what to expect, etc.

After in-person interview: Many of our interviews include take-home assignments (coding, writing examples, etc.)

After Accepted Offer:  Email with directions on drug screen.  In our case, we'd use that same email to ask for the background check form.

Ready to Start:  We'd send an email a few days before their start date, with details about employment verification paperwork they need to bring.

Other Highly Desirable Features:

 - Include attachments (HR forms, etc.).  In the short term, I could just put them on my own site and link to them.

 - A log of sent emails, including the exact text in case it was tweaked before sending.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Jace,

    Good news.  We've been working in this for a while.  We have built, essentially, everything you've asked for.  It is indeed a paid feature and it's currently in limited release (i.e. we are working closely with a few customers to make sure we've got all of this right).  We just added you to early release.  Feel free to poke around and contact us if you have more comments / suggestions!

    • dan
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