When adding a candidate using a resume from an external recruiter, in our case JobScore always uses the recruiter's name as the candidate name.

It might or might not get detected as a conflict; regardless, we have no option of reviewing the data before it gets submitted. The problem then is multiple:

 - tedious clicking around to go back and edit data, save, etc

 - duplicate check does NOT happen when editing an existing candidate -- we completely lose on that feature

 - reports are all broken; "candidates added" pretty much only list external recruiters' names instead of candidate names.

The loss of duplicate check is a big hassle -- we end up having a bunch of dupes in the system b/c our admins don't do a search for a candidate by hand first, they hope the system will tell them.

Sometimes when the system parses a resume and doesn't find all the info it needs, we are prompted with a "please fill in the blanks" page that happens before the candidate is submitted. I would love to have the option to ALWAYS go through that page when using a resume.

JobScore could also learn about the external recruiters' names and learn that if that name gets parsed from a resume, the data probably needs attention before being submitted.


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    Dan Arkind

    In our add candidate overhaul we are planning to expose the full parsed information prior to having you submit the candidate.

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