Recruiting is a scheduling heavy activity and it would be great if JobScore was fully integrated with Microsoft exchange.  Specifically it would be great if you could:

  1. See co-worker's free/busy status directly inside JobScore
  2. Be able to schedule appointments directly from JobScore without having to fire up Outlook.
  3. Have co workers be able to accept / reject appointments and update them normally
  4. Have any changes made by recruiters / hiring managers reflect both in Exchange and JobScore

We've gone so far as to build this integration with Google Calendar (ask us about the beta) but doing so for Microsoft Exchange would be much more work, so we'd like to see if this gets voted up.  Like the idea? vote for it.

But, if you *really* want to see this happen, please add a comment below with some additional information:

  1. How much you'd be willing to pay for this feature, per month
  2. If you can find out, what version of Exchange you are using (2007 or 2010?) and how it's hosted (do it yourselves, it's in the cloud, you get it as a service from a hosting provider like Intermedia or Mailstreet?)


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    Dmitri Lisieienko
    1. $4 per month

    2. my hosting

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    Jason Elkin

    Would be nice to have, but Exchange is such a pain in the rump that it might not be worth it. Add to that corporate security and SOX email policies and it might be a nightmare to implement. It could also be a drain on JS resources to support.

    I'd rather have some more practical improvements on sorting jobs/candidates.

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    Merilee Schillinger

    I like the idea, but I've never seen an ATS do it effectively given the complexities like Jason mentions.  It would nice to be able to send the meeting request from the JobScore application (and not as an email attachment, but so that it appears on the recipients calendar even if the attachment isn't opened.), but I'm accustomed to looking in the Outlook calendars for availability and updating in Outlook directly if there are changes.  Outlook email integration is more valuable to me than the calendar. 

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Merilee, we're not exactly sure how everything works in microsoft-land, but we're pretty sure that to accomplish what you are asking for, you have to flow through exchange (i.e. write directly to people's calendar without approval).

    We also understand that this would require a change in behavior... but *if* it works, how valuable would it be?

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