A lot of times immediately after a phone screen I know we will be declining a candidate.  However, I want to respectfully give it at least a day before sending the email.

It would save me time and effort to schedule a decline e-mail for the next day (or future date).



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    Dan Arkind


    Great point.  Would it make sense to send *every* decline email 24hours later?

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    Galit Ronen

    Yes, as a start that would be great.  Alternatively it could be configurable if possible.

    We found a temporary solution that helps - we created a custom Status called "Pending Decline".  Still requires a manual step but helps organize it.

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    Denis Lacasse

    So, I take it that in the "create task" flow, if I check the "send email" box at the bottom of the page, it is going to send the email immediately, not when the task is due? It is somewhat misleading in terms of UI.

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