Does JobScore have any plans to introduce a candidate ranking system? Where an interviewer could add notes and also designate a score, so that a subtotal

of the score follows a candidate through the process? I think this would be a really great idea. One of my clients is moving to a structured interview process, where scores have to be allocated and tallied, and none of the current JS versions support doing something like this.


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Grant,

    Thanks for this excellent suggestion.  Scripting the interview process and performing multi-variable assessments is something that I have been evangelizing with my customers in my consulting practice for years now... in my experience it's essential to finding the right person for the job and really facilitates constructive apples-to-apples comparisons on candidates.

    Two key notes on how we think about this though:

    1. These scores don't really determine whether you hire someone, they are merely a framework for discussion in the event of a disagreement or to perform post-interview or post-hire analysis to figure out what went wrong.

    2. Ratings have as much potential for bad as good - i.e. you don't want people reading other folk's scores prior to making their own assessment - or they have a tendency to "pile on" - which isn't really constructive.

    So, given the two things above, calculating averages or summing things up seems like it has more potential for harm than good.

    With my clients in the past, they've created a simple rating system, entered the numbers in notes and it's worked great.  i.e. if you had three defined assessment vectors - cool factor (C), experience (E), and technical acumen (T) each interviewer would just enter C 3 | E 4 | T 3 in the notes and call it a day.

    It's worked great for these customers to hire 1000s of people and we've been able to keep the UI simple.  Don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have questions about this.


    That said, we've been looking into updating notes in JobScore and if you try this system and it falls short, I'd love to see some discussion here about how we can improve things or how this falls short.

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    Dan Arkind

    Shipped Ratings.

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