i tired to click on the help tab and it would not open up an email or anything so i had to click on the suggest an idea tap so here i am.

As many clicks as go thru on daily basis, our productivity is critical. In the past when a note was added by using a forwarding method or when a message was forwarded, it used to include a hyperlink t the candidate name/record  so we could quickly click on to see candidate background and of Saturday I noticed, this has changed and it is very unproductive to have to type or copy and paste name back into JS. Why was this done and when can it be reversed?

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Farri,

    Clicking on help / contact support is now a mailto: link - meaning it opens up an email message to support@jobscore.com - which due to some integration issues is now the only way we accept inbound support requests - so please just send your messages there in the future.

    Is the missing hyperlink you are referencing on the Candidate Alert (includes full profile) or Note Alert (no profile, just note content)?



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