1) It seems that the email templates I can create are only "plain text"... I can't add a nice hyperlink to my company's Facebook/Twitter or change the color of my text?  Either i'm looking over these options or the Jobscore tech is way behind date.


2) If there isn't a way already, it'd be nice to preview a message template exactly how it would be received by a candidate (which would make a lot of sense w/ factoring in my above suggestion) AND/OR be able to type send test emails to myself.


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    Dan Arkind

    Please point us at an online productivity software package (saas - think salesforce.com, basecamp) that includes HTML formatting of message bodies for us to take a look.

    State of the state for productivity software email templates AFAWK is text, which is what we support.

    When we looked we found some email marketing programs using markdown, which really didn't seem like a good option for our self-service audience...

    HTML is so error prone across different email clients and likely to trigger spam filters that we chose to not include it as an option for JobScore email templates, at least for now.

    If you see other folks doing this reliably, we'd love it if you could put pointers here and we'll re-evaluate this decision.

    In short: it seemed to us that it's more important that your email is delivered and readable than having a colored link in it...


    One option that we considered, but didn't put in (no one has asked for it yet) is the ability to create an HTML signature file to include in emails.

    If you feel this would be useful, please pipe up here.

    We also evaluated putting in a preview button but backed off that as well because (as you note) we only support text *and* if you just save the template you can bring it up to see how it looks and then easily go back and edit it from the candidate actions page... going back and forth inline is super-easy.


    Dan Arkind

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    Jeffrey Habura

    Thanks for the note and I'll keep an eye out if I run into any online productivity SW packages w/ HTML formatting.

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