The old document preview window used to allow you to print from HTML

directly in the browser. Since the move to the Scribd viewer, there is no

way to print other than downloading the original document, opening with

installed software, and then printing. This is a pain for most of us and

impossible for some (who don't have Microsoft Office installed and are

therefore incapable of opening a Word document properly formatted).

It would therefore be very valuable to print directly from the Scribd

preview as we used to.


And to clarify why we need this, we pretty much start every phone screen &

interview by printing the candidate's resume. This translates to 4-5 times

per week for most of the engineers on my team.


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    Dan Arkind

    We've added a lot of scheduling functionality that inserts resumes into calendar events and pre-interview reminders that sends emails with resume attachments prior to the interview.  Hopefully this eliminates the need to print resumes.  

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