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Dear Jobscore support team,

I have a question and recommendation for Jobscore and look forward to your


I just tested the application features again since it was a while ago for

me and I think it is very important to understand what our applicants have

to do when they decide to apply.

I see that it is still not possible to send in an application without an

attached resume but by only using a Linkedin account. I think it is a loss

when Jobscore does not improve this because Linkedin profiles are well

accepted by recruiters and hiring managers. In fact, we often do not even

need a resume anymore. Research shows that Linkedin profiles are often more

dynamic and current. My advise would be to make it possible to apply using

the Linkedin profile. Are you currently working on this topic?

Besides this I was wondering why applicants have to create an account and

password and what they can do with it. Can you inform me about this? I am

afraid that asking an applicant to create a password gives a threshold


Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,


Eveliese Luiting



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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Eveliese,

    Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.  A few answers:

    1. We do have an apply with no resume feature.  If you'd like us to turn this on for your account, please contact support@jobsocre.com if you'd like a hand getting that set up.   It's left off by default because most people still appear to just want resumes.

    2. As an early linkedin api partner we effectively invented the apply-with-Linkedin feature here at JobScore ... and it's been at the top of our job application page for many years.  Candidly, this could use a ui update to make it look more like Linkedin's "feature" that does the same thing... thanks for the reminder to prioritize that.  Our default path requires including a resume because most employers wanted them when we built this, and many still do... however, if you want to turn off the resume requirement, you can and it works just fine. Our job application ui, believe it or not, was last iterated in 2006.  it's held up pretty good, but is long due for some love.

    3. Passwords   We require passwords so that candidates can re-use their application information as well as log back in to check in on their applications, two pretty useful things.  That said, we could certainly update our ui to allow job seekers to use "passwords" // registration information from third party services like linkedin, twitter or facebook - but, again, these updates cost time and money and few folks have expressed that this is a key need and this hasn't bubbled up to be a top priority yet.  I'd love to see this discussed and voted up here in the ideas forum, but we see 10s of thousands of job applications each month and passwords don't appear to be an issue and whether good or bad appear to still be de rigueur around the web.

    As someone who cares about this, i'd welcome more specific thoughts on how we should update our job application experience & pointers at examples in this forum.

    Most of our priority on the job seeker side has been around branding for the last while, first building our skinnable widget and soon we'll be opening up a beta for customers to have full HTML + CSS control of their job application pages.

    Thanks again,

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    Dan Arkind

    Hilarious.  As soon as I finished writing that comment I saw this post:


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    Dan Arkind

    These requirements are captured for our plan to update the job application process and should be supported.

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