Is there any chance you can develop a way to merge candidates? We receive a lot of candidates that apply again and again and each time a new candidate profile is created. This makes it difficult to keep track of candidates and creates a lot of duplicates. It would be nice if JobScore were better able to recognize duplicated or users were able to merge candidates.


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    Lucy Wei

    Yes, can we please have a way of merging candidates or at least be able to mark one application as a duplicate so no one can leave notes etc?  I have used other ATS systems that did this.

    I also understand that we can't delete applications that have been submitted online. I think a duplicate status should be high on the priority list!


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    Yasmine Nadery

    This function exists but is not free of fault - we should be able to manually merge duplicate candidates despite whether they have entered a different email or phone number (or other key piece of information) - this information can change many times for any one person and JobScore seems to be unable to detect a duplicate unless this information is exactly the same every time they submit an application.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Yasmine,

    I'm not sure I understand your comment / what you are looking for.  It appears that you are concerned with our duplicate detection, not the ability to merge candidates.  If you'd like us to update how duplicate detection works, could you please log a separate idea with what specific change you are looking for us to implement / how and when the system is specifically failing.

    What I'm understanding here is that you want us to perfectly identify people when they apply and always force merging of records / a single record. Unfortunately, this is a fundamentally inexact science.   What we do now is show job applicants that we think they are a duplicate and prompt them to re-use an existing profile.  This detection is based on an analysis of multiple attributes including their resume, name, work history, phone number, email and more.  Even if it looks like a duplicate, some job applicants choose to create a new profile anyway and we let them do it because we know no algorithm is perfect.. and what we are doing now is the "least bad" option we could think of that meets the needs of job seekers, employers and is in accordance with compliance regulations. 

    If you'd like to discuss specific de-duplication detection tactics you'd like to see us implement, please open up a new thread, as this one is about merging (when duplication fails, or people edit existing records and duplicates are identified post-facto).

    Thanks & happy hiring,



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