It would be AWESOME if we were able to create custom standard email templates (like we can do for custom candidate email templates).

Example - we would be able to create an email template that could be sent to an employee requesting additional info on their referral such as how they know them, where did they work together, would they stake their job on them, etc.

Another example - we have a standard list of questions we send the hiring manager when a new requisition is opened - info we need to create the job posting, stuff we use when talking to candidates, etc.  It would be great if we could have a template for this and somehow attach it to the req....


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    Dan Shelkrot

    This would be great - when do you expect it to be live?


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    Dan Shelkrot

    Another example - approval to hire email request with the following information:

    Request to Hire

     Overview/Interview feedback:


    Candidate Name:

    FTE or Contract:

    Practice Group:

    Position Title:

    Initial engagements/clients:



    Potential Start Date:

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