First of all - I am SO HAPPY we found Jobscore! As a manager at a small company, I have to manage the recruitment and hiring process without the help of HR - and Jobscore has made my life so much easier. I'm now able to efficiently manage and organize the hiring process while making time in my day to carry on my job as a manager. We've also been able to attract a breadth and quality of candidates we've never before seen at our organization. Thank you!


So, something that I would love to see a setting that will allow me to have a default view of only the jobs that are of interest to me and my department. We have three people managing the hiring process for 3 separate positions, and I would rather not have to sort each time I log into my account to view candidates.

Also, I deleted some of the email templates because it made it easier to use. But, it would be nice to keep some of those default emails in a library so I can access them at a later date if I need some help. You could use to sharpen up the text in those emails and notes, too. Would make it more resourceful for a company like ours that doesn't have the help of HR.


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    Kendra Tal

    P.S. Lisa in customer support is awesome!

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Kendra,

    Great to hear you are happy:

    1. If you set up the "my jobs" list for each user they get a customized homepage only showing the jobs and candidates they are supposed to see - so I'm going to mark this ticket as done.
    2. I hear you on email templates, but we chose not to have a "deactivate" pattern for them to try to keep things simple... you'd be surprised how many different templates some of our larger customers have!
    3. We also have an enhancement scheduled to be worked on to have a "my jobs" filter for both the candidates list and the job manager so when people log in they just see what they are supposed to.

    Thanks and happy hiring!

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