We go through a multi-step approval flow before we can open up a job and start recruiting.  I have to get a hiring manager, the head of HR and the CFO to all look at the job and the salary band and approve them before we can start work.  I send emails now, and it works okay, but it would be great if JobScore could take care of this for me.

We go through a similar process with offers.  When we want to make an offer to a candidate, we have to generate and offer letter and then send it around to different people for them to approve the details.   This varies per job / department, and email is working okay, but it would be great if this information could be easily stored and tracked in Jobscore.


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    Samantha Schneider

    YES please :) 

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    Douglas Garay

    My higher-ups asked me the same question yesterday, which ultimately drove me to these boards. They specifically asked if I can begin generating offer letters via Jobscore. In the same conversation we reviewed our requisition approval process, which requires approvals from hiring managers, HR and Finance before Talent Acquisition may begin.


    The suggestion of adding both steps (req approvals & formal offer letters) to the workflow is solid.

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