I would like to be able to add some candidate testing to a job type / role. And or a database of our own home made testing. 


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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Jackson,

    Our note templates provide the ability to store questions, capture responses and thumbs up / thumbs down ratings - this would be information entered by your team during / after interviews.  We also provide robust reporting on ratings.

    Some of our customers also have tests and assessments they send to candidates.  Usually this involves putting the test into a document, creating a specific email template to send the test (per job / per department) and adding the test as an attachment to the email template.  The candidate would typically fill out the test and email it back to you and then you can zing it back into your notes inbox for review.  Other customers create email templates that point to online tests, most frequently using survey tools like Google Forms... and then use the same tactic to email the results into JobScore / store them as notes.

    If this doesn't meet your needs, could you be more specific about what you'd like JobScore to do?

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    Jackson David

    i was hoping that we would not have to email out an assessment, but build one inside that the candidate can log into their account and take a test that we assign them 


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