Overall theme - One Click

Purpose: When adding user

  • Able to add the user to all the jobs they would be an interviewer vs adding them to each role separately
  • Able to change the "role / view notes, etc" for multiple openings in one click
  • Overall the preference option  in terms of task for the entire team, vs manually going into each profile and changing it


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Tien,

    Some of what you are suggesting is actually up on a whiteboard here at our office.  My concern is not just making it easier to add people but ensuring that jobscore "makes sense" when users first log in - part of that is making sure they have the correct job assignments so that there's information on their homepage.

    The concern we have is one of balance.  Right now it's easy to add lots of users at once (bulk add) but it's not easy to configure each user.  What we've discussed internally is adding almost a "second step" to the add user process where you could create job assignments for all of the users you are adding... so, for instance, you could add 5 people in a department in the first step and then in the second step choose which jobs to assign them to (and the role) for all of them.

    This would, in practice, look identical to the "my jobs" area:


    Would this help?

    Also: each user has a "typical role" attribute which should be populated when you add them to the hiring team.  I imagine we could make that be inherited from the previous page.

    Do you need more than the typical role per user?


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    Tien Nguyen

    This is exactly what I want.  Thank you for the quick response. 

    PS: Love the Harry Potter themed example :]

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