My team and I would love to utilize a ranking system to organize and sort the jobs by priority level. With day-to-day sourcing priorities constantly changing, this feature will make it easier for our team to allocate our time and shift our focus more effectively.


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    Tien Nguyen

    Yes please!  This would be a great addition.  Or even separated by Depts on the home dashboard for the recruiter.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Kathy and Tien,

    Though not exactly what you are looking for you can kind of achieve this by creating a Job Field called "priority"

    Here's the article about Job Fields: https://hire.jobscore.com/updates/bKLne2cbqr5P4qeMg-44q7

    Or you can visit this page in JobScore and just add one: https://hire.jobscore.com/employer/job_fields

    If there's a little something missing here that would make these more useful, please let us know!

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